Anita Wilcox Retires, Continues as Tutor

Anita Wilcox Retires, Continues as Tutor

We Will Miss You

After eight years supporting the Literacy Council office, Anita Wilcox has retired. We miss her calm, warm presence in the office and her webpage skills, but look forward to staying in touch as she continues as a tutor.

A few words from Anita W:

“As I retired from my career in my county’s IT department, I knew I was not ready to totally retire. A flier at the Eldersburg library about the Literacy Council caught my attention, and now eight years later I am retiring from my work in the office here. I will continue to tutor.

The office work was fun and for a good cause, but the tutoring is amazing. I have worked with three students from three continents and three very different cultures. All three have moved on to responsible jobs, and their children are doing very well to exceptional in our public schools.

Looking at our country through their eyes and seeing the promise America holds out to the world makes me very proud and humble to call this country home. I was always pleased to live here but now I am overwhelmingly PROUD AND HUMBLE. My students truly opened my eyes. Education goes both ways. Thank you, my students.”

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