Tutoring Report Form


Tutors send a monthly report to the Literacy Council outlining student progress, the number of hours spent tutoring (including lesson preparation and travel), and any concerns.

Why do we require monthly reporting?

To make the reporting as streamlined as possible, you have three options for reporting:

If you have any problems with reporting, please contact the Literacy Council for help at 410-857-0766 or info@carrollliteracy.org. You can also come to the office. Our office hours are available here.

Monthly Tutoring Report Form

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Tutor Name*
Student Name*

Volunteer Hours

Please enter the time in hours you spent tutoring this month.

Tutoring Materials

For example: Journey to Success Book 2, Breakthrough to Math Level 2 Book 3 - Multiplying & Dividing Fractions.

Progress Report

For example: making a medical appointment, writing an essay, adding decimals.

Student Achievements

For example: completing a GED test, gaining Citizenship, reaching a new math or reading level, attending a meeting without an interpreter.

Other Support

For example: transportation, finding a medical provider, finding support services.
i.e. materials, information on community resources, provide computer and internet access to student...

Resource Recommendations

Please be specific and provide a webpage if applicable.

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