General Education Development Program

The Literacy Council offers a pre-GED (General Education Development) program to raise your skills to the level needed for you to successfully participate in a GED test preparation class.

GED classes are offered by Carroll Community College.   

The pre-GED program helps you improve your reading and math skills. Lessons also help you improve your writing, science, and social studies skills. Materials may include assessment tests, workbooks, on-line resources, and the resources described in the Reading & Writing and Math programs.

Your tutor will work with you to develop a program to address the areas you need to learn. All materials and tutoring are free.

GED Program at Carroll Community College

After successfully completing the pre-GED program, you will be prepared for the GED program at Carroll Community College. Contact Carroll Community College for more information about the orientation session and GED classes.

Phone: 410-386-8630


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